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She Proposed to Him

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting an engagement session for Suselis and Jonathan at Lone Hawk Farm.  The day was hot and I was worried we’d either all melt in the scorching heat or get drenched in what seemed the inevitable rainstorm.  Luckily somehow neither happened.  And we got to spend a lovely evening together with a bunch of vegetables, some chickens, a few goats, a horse or two, and a whole lot of hay.

Suselis and Jonathan were willing to do whatever I asked.  And I mean WHATEVER even if it was silly.  Crouch down and peak through this hole for me, check.  Hold hands and give me some attitude, check.  Climb a big stack of hay, check (though that was my husband’s request).  Get bit by a bajillion mosquitoes, unfortunately check.  And they were willing to kiss some large number of times.

While I was photographing them I noticed Jonathan’s ring so I asked about their story.  They laughed and told me their engagement story.  How Suselis had bought the ring when she knew that she wanted to marry Jonathan.  Then she’d waited for months with it burning a whole in her mind.  And then she’d finally asked Jonathan one day out of the blue.  She knew she loved him.  She knew she wanted the spend the rest of her life with him so there seemed no reason not to propose.  Super sweet, right?

Suselis and Jonathan, it was a pleasure to meet you two and I wish you all the best.

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