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Happy 60th birthday, Karen

Last week I photographed a wonderful woman’s 60th birthday party thrown by her loving daughters and husband.  Karen’s family and friends gathered around her to celebrate the wonderful life she’s led so far and the many long and deep relationships she’s made.

I wonder if the saying about rain being good luck on a wedding applies to major birthdays.  And I wonder if the quantity of rain has any correlation because last night was torrential.  If so I think Karen will have a long and wonderful life ahead of her.

I was asked to photograph Karen’s birthday party by her daughter, Rachel, who I used to work with at the University of Colorado.  Shortly after I returned from Atlanta doing my internship with I reached out to my old coworkers in the hopes that I could convince some of them to step in front of my camera.  And I’m lucky that they have overwhelmed me with a willingness to help.  Thank you, Karen, Steve, Rachel, Ellen, and the rest of your family and friends for allowing me to be part of your celebration.  And thanks too for that tiramasu you sent home for my husband.

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