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Work Fast

I expected this shoot to be fast and for me to lose my subjects anytime.  I was prepared.  I knew I needed to make sure to get in some formal shots early and I needed to engage everyone early to start making the shots we all wanted before something happened.  I didn’t know what would happen.  Honestly I expected the five week old infant to be responsible for ending the session.

Sure, there were points where I had to be careful when I took the pictures to avoid only having pictures of him spitting up (surely not all his parents want to remember of him).  And most of the time he didn’t care to look at me.  But we ended the session early because big sis fell in the pond.  I swear I was not responsible.  And she only went in to her waist.  I was glad I anticipated something happening and had made sure to get the “must have” pictures out of the way.

I didn’t end the session because big sis fell in the water.  Though it seemed like the nice thing to do, I knew I had the shots they wanted.  And that was a good thing.

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