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One Year

Note: all photos by Steve Conry of  This is my wedding.

A year ago today I woke up and cuddled with Eric for a couple minutes.  And a few hours later I slipped on an off-white dress I haven’t worn since and I walked down the path in our garden that leads to the pond and I married Eric.  And I’m so glad I did.

I could go over the details of the wedding.  How it had been 90’s all week and the mosquitoes were starting to go crazy and we were worried everyone would walk away from the wedding covered in giant bumps from all the mosquito bites.  But then the day before the wedding, right around lunch, it started raining and it didn’t stop until three days later.  And it was cold.  Our guests were walking around in rain jackets and fleeces.  And the kids were having a grand old time getting muddy and going snail hunting. And we ordered sides for our tent because we were afraid a tent with only a top wouldn’t do much good keeping everyone warm.  But at some point we were all inside the house.  All 50 or so of us.  And it was warm and cozy.  There was live music.  There was dancing.  And it felt pretty magical at that moment.  Despite the cramped quarters.  Despite the chaos of cramming everyone in just as the buffet of Ethiopian food was being shuttled out to the tables.  And Eric cried.  As he was saying his vows.  It was really beautiful.  In the end I was happy it rained.  It just felt right.  I could go on and on about the little details. The things that individually don’t matter but together add up to our wedding day.

But I will say I am so happy that today, a year later, we’re here together a year into married life.  Before our wedding I wasn’t sure if it would feel much different being married.  We’d been together five years at that point.  Lived together four.  And owned a house together for one.  And had two cats.  Our lives were already pretty intertwined.  But it does feel different.  Our wedding day was a big shift.  A shift towards truly being us.  If that makes sense.  I felt more supported.  More empowered.  More deeply loved that day.  Before our wedding we certainly talked about our future.  Talked about what we wanted to do.  How we saw that for both of us, together.  But now we really were invested in this entity that was not just me, not just Eric, but us.  It just felt different.  It still does.  And it’s still evolving.  And it’s definitely not dull.

Love you, sweetheart!

Check out this video our wedding photographer made.  He’s awesome. (password = merges)

And if you haven’t found A Practical Wedding yet go look at it. Really. It was a lifesaver when I was preparing for my wedding. It’s full of smart and wonderfully supportive women who talk about the important stuff (and still point out when a dress is really that great). Just a little public service announcement.

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