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A Love Story

This will probably be one of a handful of shoots I do where I’ve known a couple before they started dating.  Or I guess more specifically, where I’ve known half of a couple for years and years.  The beauty of that is I’ve seen this love story develop.  I’ve been around and seen them go from the excitement of new love to moving across the country together to settling into a pattern of daily life.

Ellie was my RA in college and I met her on my first day on campus when my roommate dropped a bed frame on Ellie’s foot.  We treated our RA’s well at Wellesley.  Fast forward eleven years and Ellie and Danny were both living in Colorado (and so was I).  I introduced Ellie to a friend I’d recently made, that friend decided she really needed to introduce her friend Danny to Ellie and the rest is history.  After that first date they were all smiles and excitement and the course of both of their lives had been altered within a few short moments.

They balance each other.  They give each other joy.  And love.  Danny gives Ellie a bit of his energy and bursting personality.  Ellie provides a measure of calm and stability.  And together they’ve built a beautiful life in North Carolina.  I’m happy for them.  I’m just sad they’re so very far away from Colorado.

Perhaps most important of all.  Zoe cat has accepted Danny.

Thanks, Ellie and Danny.  Here’s to your love and our friendship.

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