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The clients I want

I realized something about my progression of photos recently.  Not just that they’re getting better.  Or that I’m being more deliberate.  No, I’ve discovered they are sunnier.  Both literally and in general mood and feel.  It seems I was going for really serious pictures at the start of this internship.  Maybe you don’t see it, maybe I’m the only one that does.  No matter.  I’m just trying to figure out if it’s my style developing or if it’s just because it’s Spring or because I’m generally much happier now than I was 3 months ago.  And now I’m looking for sweet smiles, playfulness, and tender kisses.

It’s hard to tell when I’ve really only been doing this such a short time.  I hear about shooting for the clients you want to attract.  That’s especially true for me.  My shoots, for me, are about getting experience and getting beautiful photos I can use in my portfolio to attract the types of clients I want.  Hearing how much my friends and others I’ve convinced to step in-front of my camera love their pictures is pretty rewarding too.  But back to attracting clients.

Or I guess more specifically, defining who I am as a photographer so of the people who stumble upon my website the ones that book me do so because they like my work and they like me.  They don’t book me because I’m at the right price point and it seems like I could work.  Because that’s what I want.  That’s why I write so much.  That’s why I put myself personally into so much of my writing here.  It’s because I want my clients to want me.  I want them to like my photography and I want them to think I’m their kind of person.  Someone to sit down and have a beer with (I like wheat beers, by the way).  Or someone to drink a margarita with.  Or perhaps because we’re talking about me.  Someone to go for a ride with on the country roads of Boulder County.  Someone to go ski with up at East Portal or Meadow Mountain.  Someone to hike Bear Peak with.  Someone to run the dirt roads near Boulder Reservoir.  Someone to bring you squash (or tomatoes) because our garden is going crazy.

Sophia and I were talking about this the other day when we had a make-up book group for A Practical Wedding.  We talked about the book.  And because it was us.  We also talked about starting our businesses.  I’m a photographer as you know.  And Sophia is an event planner, specifically she’s a practical wedding event planner.  And we are struggling with the idea that we might be a bit picky.  I might have certain clients I’d really, really like to work with even if as of yet I only have one client (thanks, Amy and Ben).  So how do you communicate in a way that will attract the client you want?  How do you figure out who that client is?  Jasmine Star talked a bit about this during her CreativeLive workshop a couple weeks ago.  She talked about knowing very specifically what type of client would be attracted to her and that she would want to work with.  She starts with that client in mind when doing nearly everything.  And Mark talks in a similar way.  He talks about forcing your readers to take sides.  Folks reading your blog will either be repelled or attracted to you based on what you say (and your photographs, but probably more what you say).  And Mark wants people to take a stand because he wants clients that really want him.  Clients who really love him and will become his biggest fans.

I have a vision too of who I want to work with.  Andre and Amy are an example.  Not just for the obvious reasons that they’re in love and are so cute together.  But because I really genuinely enjoyed spending time with them.  I knew I wanted to do this shoot since I photographed Andre somewhat by accident back in February.  That shoot went really well and the photographs were awesome.  And I had a blast.  This shoot was awesome too.  Thanks, guys.  I hope you absolutely love your photos.

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