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Just because

During this internship I’ve been working a lot with people who would not have otherwise had their picture taken professionally. I’m offering my service for free.  It’s easy for people to say yes.  And they have very little to loose and a lot to gain.  And I do too in a way.  With every photo shoot I gain more experience, I get more photos to put in my portfolio, and I get one more person rooting for me to succeed.

I’m here to advocate getting pictures taken.  Professionally.  It doesn’t matter if it’s by me (though of course I’d love it if it was).  I’m just saying it’s important.

I was listening to NPR the other day, like I do everyday.   The discussion was about how memories of this generation will be preserved.  How in the age of so much constant electronic communication and digital documentation of life we are in danger of loosing these stories for the future.  We don’t take the time to document the everyday like it’s special.  To preserve the moments in our lives besides the big events.  The weddings, the graduations, the births.  And it’s important.  It’s important to write those stories for the future.  To show our grandchildren who we were.  And it’s important to make those memories accessible to the future.  Where accessible just might mean making sure to print things once in a while.

It made me think about my own role as a photographer in writing those stories to the future.  When I photograph a family today I’m writing a letter to the future.  I’m telling the children of these children what they were like on a day back in the year 2011.  And I’m letting these children of the future have a conversation with the past.

It’s really quite beautiful.  To see the way people were before they came into your life or you came into theirs.  These photos are for the children and future lovers of these children.

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