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A Wedding!

This past weekend I photographed a wedding!  Okay I helped shoot a wedding. It was awesome!

Going into this wedding I was really excited and more than a little nervous.  This was the first wedding I’ve photographed since I’ve decided I want to be a photographer.  And more specifically, that I want to be a wedding photographer.  So I was putting a little pressure on myself to come away with completely awesome photographs.  There was a lot of anticipation.  And a little wondering if I’d really like wedding photography as much as I hoped I would.

But once I started photographing the wedding I calmed down.  A wedding requires you to be in the moment.  And I chose to bring myself to that moment.  And to just have fun.  I did.  I cried during the ceremony.  I was grinning cheek to cheek when I photographed folks dancing at the reception.  I was loving it.

Thank you, Monica and Mike.

I can’t wait until my next wedding!  I’ve decided I love weddings.  And I love photographing weddings.  That’s a relief.


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