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Being true to me

I’m not trying to be cheesy here but something that’s recently dawned on me during this internship is that my photography should feel like me.  I’ve been getting advice from all sorts of directions to concentrate on shooting what I like because that’s what will be my strongest work.  I haven’t been listening to that advice.  The internship is about trying a lot of different types of photography you would never do normally.  Nor necessarily want to do.  So I’ve been pushing myself to photograph things I do not enjoy.  Because it’s my job to photograph whatever I’m asked to.

And I finally am starting to understand it’s not necessarily what you shoot but how you shoot it that’s important.  To an extent of course.  It’s my job as a photographer to make beautiful photographs (or great, non beautiful photographs if that’s the goal) anywhere I’m asked to pull out my camera for a client.

And I’m starting to narrow down what a “me” photograph looks like.  A “me” photograph that spans genres.  So if you look at a photograph I take of a couple.  Or a photograph I take of a model.  Or a photograph I take of an event.  Or of a kid.  You should be able to say, that looks like a photograph taken by Marj Merges.

This internship, just because I’m being given the opportunity to shoot so much, is allowing me to make significant strides in this direction.  At the start of the internship I didn’t know what my style was.  I didn’t know what I liked to shoot.  And finally, half way through, I’m starting to see it.  And I’m glad I like what’s evolving.

The pictures in this post are from three shoots I’ve done this last week.

The black and white photos of brides are from the This is The One Bridal Show last weekend.

The ethereal photographs of the blonde model are from a shoot I did at Oakland Cemetery with interns Silvana and Jen yesterday.

And the pictures of the brunette model with intense eyes are from another shoot I did at Oakland last Friday with intern Whitney and alumni interns Niki and Brett.

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