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Constructing Personal Vision

I like to believe I take photographs that are uniquely mine.  That in my photography the viewer can see not only my subject but my subject through my eyes.  Part of the goal of this internship is to shoot enough that I get to the point where I have a sense of who I am as a photographer.  To find out what that unique personal vision looks like through my camera.

To achieve that transparency I have to prepare.  I have to get beyond worrying if I will get the shot. Any shot.  I have to know in my head some poses to try.  Some ways to get folks comfortable.  How to communicate effectively the ideas in my head to my clients.  And I have to have confidence.  Confidence that I am indeed the right one for the job.  Confidence that my clients would not be better served if another photographer was behind the camera.

So, what’s my solution?  Shoot a lot (no brainer).  And look at and analyze a lot of photos.  Mark gave us an assignment for the internship to go through flickr and favorite 119 photos.  This is something we should already be doing.  Of course, I wasn’t doing it.  But thanks to Mark I am and I see how silly I was to not do it before.  I have favorite photographers but they are all either very old or dead.  My photography education did not touch on the present day.  And now I get ideas.  I filter other photographer’s shots through my own vision.  And I see ways other photographers communicate the ideas and feelings I strive to.

Most importantly, I’m building up a database in my head of images I like, images with elements to inspire my photography and to reduce that time lapse between conceptualization and execution of a shot.  Images that allow me another way to refine my vision by noticing what I am drawn to photographically.

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