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Month I


I’m writing this a month into my internship with  A time where I feel in-between my former life prior to the internship and not yet at the end of it.  The future is pretty uncertain in terms of my photography.  At times I’m loving this internship and the work I’m producing and at others I’m feeling uncompelled and wonder if I’m worthy.  I thought it might be informative to reflect on the past month and what I’ve learned about my photography and myself.

I’ve had a few shoots where I absolutely LOVED the results.  The pictures above exemplify this.  The pictures were beautiful and they really told you something about the people in front of the camera.  But I’ve had more shoots that were not like that.  More pictures that were just okay.  And that left me wanting a re-do.  Over the next couple months I want to change that ratio.  And I want to figure out why my quality varies so much.  And bring everything up to a higher level.

And most of all I want to continue to have fun.  To find enjoyment in all aspects of this profession. Not simply the time behind a camera.  Because being a photographer is about much more than pressing the shutter at the right time with the right settings.  There’s management: of clients, of time, of resources.  There’s marketing (which I haven’t even touched beyond knowing I will need to).  There’s blogging and website maintenance, because you need to make sure folks know what you are doing and that they want to know it. There’s editing.  And there’s managing in all that to find time to be creative and think of new ideas to get excited about.  And to look at the work of other photographers to get inspired and feel part of a greater community than myself in a dimly lit basement.

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